Down the Coast

Written & Directed by Adrian Tyson IMDb

James, 12, is enduring through a bleak winter coastal holiday in the 1980’s. Inward looking and withdrawn his spirits are lifted with the arrival of Amy. Despite false starts due to James’ shyness they form a strong bond. Something is amiss at Amy’s holiday trailer and James is not sure what has occurred. Learning of a tragedy that has befallen Amy’s family the effect on him is long lasting. We learn that all may not be lost and there may be hope for James after all.

Screened at West Side Shorts short film festival in
Melbourne in August 2015.

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Cast and Crew

Jack Dawes IMDb
Jahla Bryant “2008 Tropfest Best Actress Winner” IMDb
Naomi Watson IMDb
Brendan Miles IMDb
Melissa Armstrong IMDb
Peter McAllum IMDb
Gordon Williams IMDb
Jonathan Alexander IMDb
Paris Rodgers IMDb

Written & Directed by Adrian Tyson IMDb
Produced by Peter Fadeyev IMDb
Director of Photography Mick Jones IMDb
Editing & Sound Design Muy Lang Linda Ung IMDb
Hair & Makeup Lisa Mangion IMDb
Wardrobe Jessica Angel IMDb

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